AcceLINX to Present Webinar: Fund-raising Insights for Musculoskeletal Start-ups

AcceLINX, the musculoskeletal health business accelerator recently launched by OrthoWorx, will present a webinar to provide entrepreneurs with key insights regarding fund-raising to support their start-up businesses.

“Many start-ups with great business concepts never realize their full potential because they lack the capital to develop their technologies, build out a business plan or achieve traction in the marketplace,” said Sheryl Conley, President of AcceLINX.  “That’s why we chose fund-raising as the first topic for what will be a series of webinars designed to support entrepreneurs in the musculoskeletal health field.”

The presenter for the webinar will be Gary Stevenson, the Co-founder and Managing Partner of MB Venture Partners, which has $120 million of committed capital. Stevenson’s firm has been investing in start-ups for 15 years and more than 70% of their capital has been invested in musculoskeletal start-ups, mostly medical device and biologics companies.

Key topics to be covered for entrepreneurs during the webinar include the following:

  • Who should I approach for capital?
  • How much capital should I try to raise?
  • How should I determine company valuation?
  • What are the most appropriate deal structure options?
  • How should I optimize my fund-raising pitch?
  • What other factors should I consider in choosing a capital partner?


“Gary is exceptionally well qualified to kick off our webinar series,” said David Anderson, Vice President of AcceLINX.   “At MB Ventures, he not only evaluates and invests in start-ups, he also takes an active role and serves on the boards of many of their portfolio companies. In addition, for 15 years Gary’s firm has hosted the annual Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference, one of the most popular events in the medical technology innovation field.”

How to Sign Up for Webinar

Entrepreneurs interested in taking advantage of the free webinar should go to the Resources page on the website ( ) and click on the webinar link in the Events section to register. The webinar is scheduled to be one hour long and there will be an opportunity for audience questions. AcceLINX plans to host similar topical webinars periodically throughout the year.

About AcceLINX

AcceLINX is a multi-stage, musculoskeletal health business accelerator that provides an unmatched level of industry-specific support to select inventors and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their prospects of business success. AcceLINX leverages the unprecedented concentration of medical device industry resources in northern Indiana and the deep industry expertise and global networks of its team members to provide a unique capacity to accelerate the results of start-ups it engages with. Additional information available at

About OrthoWorx

Formed in 2009 with initial funding from the Lilly Endowment, OrthoWorx ( is a community-based initiative that works strategically and collaboratively with the orthopedic industry and other stakeholders to ensure that the Warsaw region continues to reap the social and economic benefits that derive from its position as The Orthopedic Capital of the World.®