AcceLINX partners with select entrepreneurs, healthcare practitioners and researchers that have bold ideas to improve musculoskeletal healthcare.

We give priority to ideas that meet the following criteria:

  • A demonstrated market need supported by clinical and/or market research evidence.
  • Technical solutions that clearly address market needs and demonstrate (or have the potential for) competitive superiority.
  • A relatively straightforward regulatory pathway (FDA 510k).
  • A known or strong reimbursement strategy.
  • A clear exit strategy.
  • Experienced leadership teams.

How to Apply

If you feel that your idea meets these criteria, we would like to talk with you to learn more and see how we may be able to help you achieve success.

Accessing Fee for Service

If you feel that your business plan is bold and promising, but still has gaps, we can help fill the gaps by providing expertise through a fee-for-service consulting arrangement with our team or with qualified external service providers.

Please submit your application to the following email: